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🟫  Display your watches in style with this Shell Not Be Infringed watch stand. Able to hold four wrist watches, this stand is made of walnut, hemlock, spent .45 auto caliber brass casings, blue and white epoxy, some white-wash stain on the hemlock, and multiple hand-rubbed coats of fine wood finish. The casings are set into a blue epoxy field and the inscription, “…shall not be infringed” is engraved into the walnut and filled with white epoxy.

🟫  The dimensions are 8.5” x 3” x 3.25”.

🟫  Weight: One pound.

🟫  Felt pads on the base help protect your furniture.

🟫 Ideal for you or as a gift for your favorite sportsman, groomsmen, shooter or patriot wanting to honor the beliefs recorded by our founding fathers.  This crafted watch stand will be a stylish reminder of your commitment to upholding the Second Amendment to our United States Constitution.

The Shell Not Be Infringed Watch Stand

Excluding Sales Tax

Weight: One pound


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