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🟫  Due to our love of the Second Amendment and our appreciation of the artistry, craftsmanship and function of historic and modern firearms, we’ve been called “Gun Nuts.” We wear that name proudly! For those who identify as Gun Nuts, and for the Gun Nuts in your life, Liberty Lane Craftworks presents the Shell Not Be Infringed nut tray. Made of walnut, spent .45 auto caliber brass casings, blue and white epoxy, and multiple coats of hand-rubbed food-safe fine wood finish.

🟫  The dimensions are 14.25" x 8.25" x 0.875”.

🟫  Weight: One pound.

🟫  This tray is food safe.

🟫 So, use the Shell Not Be Infringed nut tray to hold party nuts, crackers, pretzels, and other tasty treats at your next gathering of family and friends. You’ll be proud to be called a Gun Nut with this nut tray at your event!  Please don’t immerse in water -- wipe clean.

The Shell Not Be Infringed Nut Tray

Excluding Sales Tax

Weight: One pound


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